Touchpad in Gamma

Hey there,

Some things I noticed when using Gamma with a touchpad (my laptop has a “precision touchpad”):

The Scrolling-gesture (moving 2 fingers up and down) is mapped to zooming the patch in gamma.

  • One issue is that this is incredibly choppy and slow
  • another thing is that I’d rather prefer x/y scrolling in the patch when doing a two-finger x/y scrolling on the touch pad (right now this can be done by additionally holding the ALT-key).
  • (for zooming using the already available pinch-to-zoom gesture using 2 fingers is already enough for my taste)

Other mordern Microsoft applications also use the concepts described above (though it feels more fluent there, e.g. for zooming). It find it cool if gamma’s usage would be consistent with these apps.

What do you think?

There is a setting for that called MouseWheelZooms, turn it off and you get the desired behavior?

Yes, almost ;)
For the trackpad this enables for the desired behaviour. For the mousewheel though, I’d prefer it the other way round as you can easily x/y scroll by holding the middle mouse button and would still love to zoom using the scroll wheel. (now with the setting deactivated i need to hold CTRL while scrolling to zoom).

I know, first world patching problems. consider this solved for now…

Surely these should be independent?

I also want to be able to use touchpad as described while mousewheel zooming

Reiterating - these should totally be independent.

I like to use both mouse and touchpad in different scenarios, and on different computers. When using a mouse I want the wheel to zoom and when using the touchpad I want it to behave in a way suitable for a touchpad which to follow convention would be -

Two finger x/y panning = pan patch (note that currently the way you’ve implemented this, ie with MouseWheelZooms=False is not consistent. the fingers should ‘push’ the page around like on a mobile device, in both x and y directions)

Two finger pinch = zoom patch


Any thoughts on this? Actually I have another related request -

(Following a standard convention)

Alt + Left/Right = backwards / forwards

This feature plus ‘fixed’ trackpad functionality and vl will be on the way to being laptop happy. Seems like these would be very simple fixes and totally applicable to the new users you’re trying to reach at the moment.

Also it would help my mouse hand RSI!..