Touchosc setup problems


I am trying to integrate touchosc into one of my patches but I just cannot get it to connect.

I have followed the instructions
inPort: 4444
outPort: 5555
placed my iPad addres in the iobox lableled: iPhoneIp

I am a little confused on hostName. I tried both my computers name and it’s IP address.

I do have a VPN running, could that be the problem? Any help is appriciated.


ok looks like it was the VPN masking my IP to something crazy, So I have the example up and running. I have made my own interface but now I am at the next wall. I cannot figure out how the nodes in vvvv are identifying what contols in touchosc that they are listening to.

All the ui parts have names, but in vvvv I can’t find were to put this information.

as always any help is very much appriciated


Look at server node. There is Ctrl+k shortcut to expose a node. Nodes are identified by: patch id/node id/pin name and this is the actual osc address