TouchOSC label text from VVVV

Hi All,

does anyone have a working example for setting the text[value] of the labels in TouchOSC from VVVV?
I need to pass back a few text and tried a few method without any luck. The connection between the devices is OK in both ways. So the problem could be in the “syntax” or TouchOSC. I tried to send string messages as well as strings AsRaw.
Sorry for this so basic and lame problem, but it really makes my hair fewer.
I also tried Kontrolleur and managed to pass numeric values but I need texts as well.
Should I buy Lemur only because of this? There’s an object called “Monitor” which suppose to do what I need but can somebody confirm that it works in that?

Any direction or tip appreciated!

It definitely works, I have done it before. I will try to dig out an example.

Found the interesting part:

You need the OSCEncoder with the small “s” for the strings. then just address your labels created in TouchOSC correctly.

touchosc_strings.v4p (17.7 KB)

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Thanks so much, you’ve just stopped my hair loss. You’re awesome for digging out the example! I love this forum :)

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