TouchOSC Hexler make me crazy

Hi all,
I’m new to iPhone and OSC. I always used usb controller for my performance.
Today I take TouchOsc from and I’m getting crazy trying to understand how to use it in vvvv. I took some example patch but without the interface I was not able to understand how it works.
Any suggestion are welcome

thank you all


this is what you need =)

itouch (8.1 kB)

excellent …vjc4

I too am haveing problems with this. Does anyone have an example that uses multipushbuttons?

launchpad-(todomap-launchpad)-todomap-tutorials, try one of the vid tutors

Nice vjc4! Anychance you have one for android? I’m still learning or I’d modify it to make my own. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to eventually.