I searched all over the forum, but it seems there is no way to use TUIO messages in vvvv, is that correct?
Because if thats the case I could write a plugin in C# that gets TUIO messages and delivers them to vvvv (I think). But before investing time in this I want to be sure that there is not already a way of using TUIO with vvvv ;)
Thanks in advance,


ai abomb,

at the moment there is no way to receive TUIO messages in vvvv and writing a plugin based on the TUIO_CSHARP example from their page is exactly the way to go.

i’d like to invite you to ##vvvv on to discuss the implementation.

hi joreg,

right now I’m at work and can’t use anything but http, but in about 3 hours I will be at home and join #vvvv ;)

see here for beta version

edit: can’t seem to remove that file attachment, well anyway, look in the other thread for current version ;) (7.1 kB)