Touch smartphones / tablets and software choice

hi all. i m tunring around this question with in fact no really clear idea about what should be the best.

I would like, or to buy a Smart phone, or to buy a tablet, i could use for multi touch and osc usage.
for the moment i m more thinking to touchosc and to an android based tablet.
But really, what i would really like is to find a software open wich enables me to create my interface on windows, and not on Mac or android, and just upload the result on the device.
seems to be control with jason, but i have really NO CLEAR idea about the process and how this works.

if someone has some experience about it, i would really appreciate!

Hi , the best i founded is on iphone/ios , a small app call fantastick.
You get all touch with udp , and you can send string to the app to draw polygon/text with opengl , you can even load picture with alpha from a http adress , and there is a camera system to deal with multipage interface .
You can design your own interface directly in vvvv , and it works quite good.
There’s only doc for maxmsp and puredata but it’s just the same string to send from v4.

hi sanch. thanks for this reply ! oh oh oh !
this means everything is drawn from vvvv orders, am i right ? its just a server waiting for orders over UDP ?

Yes , here is an exemple of string you send to draw a mesh(a quad here):

model poly xyz 84.9 -127.3 0.0 84.9 127.3 0.0 -84.9 127.3 0.0 -84.9 -127.3 0.0 84.9 -127.3 0.0
model poly render triangle_strip
model poly width 2.7
model poly color 0.0 1.0 0.0 1.0

then you can do module for quad , button…

hi sanch. ok nice nice nice. I begin to feel very exited.
do you think its enough strong to be used profesionnaly ? and enough quick ?
i presume for a gui you need just to refresh at once and send the all graphic set ?
is there text printing ?

I would like to do a smartphone/ipod command for my whitecat](whitecat]([http://le-chat-noir-numerique.f)).

what you are talking about would let user choose completely its own GUI…

do i understand it well ?

yes you can design your own guy as you want , you receive all touch from the device , also accelerometer … , and you send back what you want , you can draw text , it use opengl it’s very smooth, it’s getting slow if you send a lot of data , but moving ten slider / button is really smooth.
You just have to send once the string for the interface , then update position of moving object only , so you can have a lot of content.
You can see an advanced demo here it doesn’t show texture loading who is a great feature but that show the main things:

ok. woaw. thanks a lot … that is a great tool !!!
i m not very iThing, IpodTouch is agood compromise for multitouch ?

hi sanch. i m fighting a bit with tring to use fantasctick: not on the emitting part, but on the receiving part.
i m trying at home on internet wifi box OR a dedictaed router, same things, no data incoming. did you have this type of troubles at beginning ?

no i didn’t have any trouble , maybe just a bad port configure on the ipod setup?
i tried on many computer , never had any problem .
I’m using this module to get the point

ipod get point.v4p (39.3 kB)

hi sanch, thxs for your pachlet !
hum… are you ad-hoc from wifi card to wifi card or are u using a router ? could you tell me your config ? i m sure missig something

hum… still fighting… rcv node is off in max sample patch…
i tried too much combiantions of network now to have a clear ide on how i should do simply work it…

I have a basic setup here , a computer a router and iphone/ipod. It worked straight away with many network and computer.
You maybe missing the config screen of fantastick in the ipod setup? the one where you have to enter your computer ip?
i didn’t manage to make it work with ad hoc network , so without router.

hum… i have a 4G ipod, completely new, should i donwload update of the OS ( a bug ?)?

setted correctly outputted IP in config of fantstick

if sniffing with wireshark, i can see packets sended by the ipod, from its adress, but not to the desired adress ! ( something like instead of

ah yes ! updating from iOs 4.21 to 4.3.2 makes the all things works easely ! loosed 2 days on it … but learned a lot ! txs

sanch, thank you for finding this amazing little app. I have recreated your patch as an easy-to-use plugin…


hi gilbi, thanks for this plugin !
i have seen you are using js technique wich is far more slower than the open gl one.
by the way juhu is framestein creator ;-)


plz elaborate on your comment about js. The way I understand it is js is used when pushing logic to Fantastick, and js uses opengl for drawing. The example uses js to simply draw a line as a demonstration; if you all you have to do is draw a line obviously you wouldn’t need to use js.

hi Gilbi, sorry, i didnt well understood the js structure. i need first to look at its samples to understand it ! juhu’s recommandation are to use directly opengl orders…

edit: yes, i didn t understood it !!!