Touch Screen and drawing with vvvv?

Hi are regular 15" touch screen monitors, are they easy to configure to work with vvvv?

I also want to be able to draw a picture in vvvv, using very fast scribbling. What is the best way to do that?


most touch screens can be used as a mouse and/or rs232 device. so you can easily prototype your application by using your mouse as the touch screen.

depending your second question, you should go a little more into detail; what you want to achieve and which of these things are clear for you, and which are unclear.

sorry i posted this in two separate catagories but i really need help asap…

basically i just want to know the best way to draw a 2d picture using a white line and a graphics tablet in vvvv…? Im looking at the wallpaper patch in girlpower and I love the way that the line is ‘eaten up’ after a specified time, similar to the snake game, but if i lift the pen on a graphics tablet and then place it down at another location will it be able to create two separate lines?

Something like this?

thats cool robota. but how do i get it to draw separate lines, it keeps connecting with a straight line… is it also possible for it to be ‘eaten’ in the same way as the wallpaper patch? thnx.

Look at the bottom of the page, “Multiple Lines Demo”

I am using it, its not creating multiple lines however, each time I click with the mouse the lines are connected with a straight line…

??? that’s strange, indeed… Anyway, the solution should be in Line(EX9.Geometry)'s bin size.

without reading all /trying patches:

Line (EX9.Geometry) has been buggy all time.