Touch gesture library

hey, is there a library for the common touch gestures such as drag, swipe …


check here: hardware#multi touch devices whats listed under “Interaction patterns frameworks”. not sure about their state though…

I had a breakthrough with gestures some months ago. Distinguishing tap, drag, doubletap and tap-drag of a single touch position and combining some to multi-position gestures if matched across a common gui element seems a very sensible way to go. Much more useful than a lot of academic papers and patents anyway.
It is vvvv-Message based (as that is my way of prototyping advanced stuff in vvvv, definitely more versatile and performant then the touch structs of the plugininterface) combined with Finite State Machines (spreaded Automata, designed with qfsm).

Applying it to GUI elements proved to be of limited scalability so far (ie animated widget system also based on Message and pixel-based dx11 textures), but is definitely possible for current rl scenarios with only a few hundred interactive gui elements with rather flat hierachy across the entire vvvv application.

That said, this is all hand rolled and buried inside commercial projects. If demand is high I might consider rerolling for multi-purpose, but it is not a matter of a single week to get this to a state of “library”.

thanks for your answers

at the moment a simple swipe function would help me

any idea there i can find such a module

As joreg pointed out, ave you checked out this:
Haven’t tried it, but it sounds like what you need.

…also, I’m checking out Gesture Recognition with Reactive Extensions’ Observable sequences, I’ll post it when there is some output

i found it only in the next release announcement

" … In next releases:

Pan and Zoom gestures.
Transformation limits with iOS like behavior.
**Multidirectional swipe gesture.**
Photo Gallery module. ..."

but not as downable file, or have i overlooked something

The link in the answer from Dominik…

Ah yeah you’re right, the Framework doesn’t seem to include Swipe gestures yet. Sorry bout that.

Well, then I don’t know any module that would do that for you. Anyone else?

As said I’m experimenting with Gesture recognition (in VL), will keep you updated when there’s something exciting to see.