Tool Tips

I have a module which outputs a large string (actually a text file that has been read from somewhere else). Each time I want to connect this module to some other input vvvv tries to output the whole text file as a tool tip, which makes my machine almost come to a standstill and this module kind of unusable…
Is there a way to limit the size of tool tips or avoid the string to pop up at all?

the only thing you can do is inserting linebreaks. iirc the tooltip only shows the first ten lines of text.

but of course i could fix that to only always show the first 100 characters of a string. is 100 ql? or any better ideas? show more the longer you stay there? iiii…nothing promised.

Ok, I’ll go for the additional linebreak then.
The main problem is, that the textfile is a XML doc. For some strange reason spacings and linebreaks are shown correctly inside the io box but the output pin replaces them with #9,#13… and stuff like that all fed into one singe line.
Limiting the tool tip in general wouldn’t be bad I think. 50 chars possibly ending with (…) should be far enough. One could still connect an io box to display the whole content at any time.

as the problem is rather the speed and less the screen size of the tooltip, i´d rather go for something like several thousands than 100.

as we are talking about details: i have seen many people getting confused about the special handling of the control characters in the tooltip in comparison to the IObox. Is it easy to make these stand out typographically - like printing them inverse (white on black background), or with a different font?

Another thing is that the outputs descriptive name (e.g. “Document Output: ”) gets kind of lost, being pushed away by such massive content. I’m not sure if thousands of characters wouldn’t kill the usability somehow. I think the pins name is the most important in this case.

Hmm… I don’t get the linebreak thing to work properly.
Still the pins act very strange.

I attached a small demo of the problematical io boxes.
So how do I get rid of the first line? Adding a carriage return doesn’t seem to fix it.

string_content.v4p (100.0 kB)