Too many spreads glitch


I’ve recently been having trouble trying to get a pipet patch to a decent resolution but my problems are caused by a simple behaviour i can’t seem to find a solution to, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this.

In the attached .v4p, if you increase either spread count by 1 (at least on my machine), there are peculiarly displaced vertices that spring out all over the render and really mess the whole thing up. I would appreciate if someone could just tell me whether or not they have the same problem as it may be related to my setup.



render glitching.v4p (3.1 kB)

actually, the graphics adapter of my little macbook already drops out at 5x88 :)

the solution: turn on ‘Slicewise Rendering’ on the Sphere (DX9) .

Just CTRL + i on the sphere node and tick the Draw Slice Wise button on . ( Thx to Desaxismundi btw !)

Note that performances would be decrease.

Excellent, had no idea about that function.

Many thanks guys.