..too many patches?


…ok, seriously, this is my current framework for a multi-purpose installation system. i am using patches like i use folders. have i got too many, is this normal, or am i gonna run into problems?

hi. for me there are not too much.
quantity of patches itself not lead to any problems, but quality of single one usually do :)

I think we found the new Buddha!! :) (and Buddha is wise and correct)

You might consider and check the debug mode, if you see something weird give it a closer look. (extraordinary values for example). This is the page about the debug mode. debug mode (can the devs confirm these?)

I think we found the new Buddha!!

i have big eyes, big ears and can not put english words in correct order, so prefer to call me Yoda not Buddha.

thanks. that makes sense. i will start to use the debug mode.

i havent got problems yet (apart from needing a new computer for the fancy gpu stuff) but am new to programming in general.

you cant see from my picture, it is split up into, audio, content, rendering & GUI (for anyone who is interested), and S&R nodes are my new best friends!

there, i fixed it for you ;)