Too latency for video capture

i have test with a capture card (or in ieee1394 or usb) to enter a live signal.
the difference between the entry(of live signal) and the out (of vga card) is about 4/5 images.
i think the problem is the node of desinterlacing
can i reduce this late (1 or 2 images) ?

you’ll achieve best results with an uncompressed-firewire card that sends you progressive (ie. no need for deinterlacing) frames.

usb and dv-cam signals are the slowest. not tested usb2.0 though…
analog capture cards are fine as well. still you’ll need deinterlacing with them if you want to use the full pal resolution.

as you may have noticed the deinterlacing videotexture node is still buggy (showing some black frames from time to time)

do you have a link or a constructor for an uncompressed-firewire card ? sells professional uncompressed firewire cameras and converters.

if you want a cheap analogue capture solution, something like works like a charm (but dont expect good deinterlacing with that)

an remember that links can best be found on the Links site!

i need a mobile solution for video live input, has anyone an idea if usb2, firewire or PCMCIA works best?
i found a pcmcia videocapture card by terratec (cameo 400 AV mobile)
any experiences??