Tonfilm intersect mesh w/Getslice


I’m trying to use thisin the intersect mesh. But cant figure out how to “resample” the intersection point value. I could try adding another getslice but I think there has to be a simple way

Intersect mesh GetSlice.v4p (21.2 kB)

the Select node in combination with GetSlice could be a solution:

Intersect mesh GetSlice2.v4p (21.6 kB)

thanks tonfilm, works great. binsize in GetSlice was the way…

Now i’m trying to change the axis of the movement. I did it in a unclassy way, because the spread count if fixed with stallone. How can I avoid that ?

Intersect.rar (5.4 kB)

sorry, i dont really understand your goal…

The goal is to make the sphere be able to navigate on the green boxes and to change the direction if it gets intersected.

I repatched this and it’s working better now, but I still want to make this relative to the spread count.

intersect mesh2.rar (5.0 kB)

You are doing a lot of things focused on only 2 objects or 4 lanes, will be a bit messy to get this dynamic, but trying something.

Is the direction change rnd, or is there some pattern? What should happen if an object is falling of a green box?

Yes, the direcion is random for now, but when the patch works fine, the change of the direction could have a pattern easily

Now I changed from where the select node rearranges the spreads, but it’s only working with a spreadcount of 2.

intersect mesh.rar (5.3 kB)