Tokenizer (raw)?

Hi there
is there such a thing as the Tokenizer (String) for a raw byte stream?
Right now I am converting the raw stream to a string to split it at the header bytes, and then convert it back to interpret the values correctly… would be great to do that on the raw stream directly.
Or am I missing something?


Hi Eno,

yes, the Tokenizer (Raw) is missing.
For the Photoshop nodes we’ve patched parts of it.

Please have a look at the Photoshop (Network Receiver) module. CollectChunks subpatch collects pieces of one message which can arrive during several frames (the first 4 bytes of a message were telling its size).

Also in the AsTexture (Photoshop Pixmap) the GetBytes (Raw) together with the Skip (Raw) are checking, skipping and accessing several fields in the header before plugging the data into the AsTexture (Raw).

Hope this helps a bit in the absence of the Tokenizer (Raw).