Tokenizer and Objectify


Question: is it possible to hide the objectify stuff somehow ?

Thing is, it makes the tokenizer creation and use over complicated. The topic “serial communication” isn’t an easy one but stuff like this scares a lot of ppl (namely students). They need to understand the tokenizer, the different versions and then adding weird regions to it.

I’d argue in 99% of cases you don’t need this parameter visible. At least everytime i used the tokenizer i didnt need it.

But i’m happy to learn why it is there, maybe there is a reason i don’t get. Different design approaches ? I’d make the nodes as common as possible rather than including every special case.

thanks for bringing this up. i wasn’t happy with this for a while, the “Objectify” input was indeed what could be called “over designed”. so we decided to simply remove it.

note: in most cases, where it was only used like in your patch, the delegate will now show up with a red link and can simply be removed. in rare cases where the delegate may actually have been used, this will cause a breaking change and the patch will have to be slightly adapted.

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