Toggle +mouse input

currently working on a step sequencer patch

I just have a small problem when using the MouseSystem(windows) in combination with Toggle node.
I get this small lag when i try to toggle some roundrect
in the GDI renderer

here is a patch to show the problem. just tell me if you get a good response from your mouse input in the renderer

MouseInputTest.v4p (6.0 kB)

it is because, toggle will change each frame where the input is 1, when you press the mousbutton it will most likely be 1 for more than 1 frame and then toggel back and forth soem times while the mouse button is pressed. use a togedge to just output a 1 when the mousebutton goes high.

MouseInputTest2.v4p (6.5 kB)

this is exactly the way most people discover the TogEdge (Animation) node, which helps “debouncing” here.

everything else ok in denmark?

just to make sure: you know that there’s a step sequencer module already hovering around here?

awsome it works!!!I am so happy thankyou very much for the info and
I will take a look at the step seq module