Togedge bangs on load

hi, a problem that occurs often: when there is a togedge node in a patch it bangs every time when the patch is loaded altought there is no input(change) - can i avoid that? (patch example: togedge node -> connect up and down edge to -> or node -> beep node // that will beep on load)


noticed the same problem for change, TogEdge actually only bangs the downflank on load.

here’s a simple solution to prevent this behaviour.

prevent_tog.v4p (2.5 kB)

thanx a lot woei - simple and well working solution!

Yes, nice patch, but I was wondering if this behaviour has some kind off purpose, or is it an ignored bug?

I don’t wanne patch 3 extra nodes (OnOpen, Not and And) when I use a Togedge.

for the change node i would say this is behaviour is probably wanted in most cases (if you trigger a calculation depending on changing input like constructing a mesh).
however it could also be good to make that optional.
for the togedge it really sounds to me as a strange default behaviour.
behaviours which could make sense:

  • from no signal to 0 trigger down edge, from no signal to 1 trigger up edge
  • don’t trigger when coming from no signal

i agree that for Changed outputting 1 in the first frame is a desired behaviour.

for the TogEdge case, I would vote for a fix which would implement gregsns first solution.

would it make sense to have those attributes as options in the inspektor? change and togedge bangs are especially unwelome when there are boolean conditions that trigger sequences of actions.

no. you bet you want to have exactly these actions happening when initializing your patch. i think more options would just add more confusion to the users - if the default is reasonable. if you want something different, just add a switch or an AND or something else. thats what vvvv is for.

you are right oschatz. it was a midnight nonsense proposal …;)

just noticed that the togedge already behaves like discussed here.

however Change and Togedge got an additional pin (“Bang On Create”) for patching convenience (you really don’t want to put more nodes into your patch just to define the behavior in the first frame…)