Todomap - on data?

hi folks
i want to use this cool and very handy tool “todomap” but cannot find a pin for receiving a Bang when Data is sending - like the OnData Pin at the Node MidiController. I am using endless knobs, where i only get the information up and down and OnData - kind of counter.
So is there a workaround or didn’t I get something

thx CeeYaa

not inside of the todo, but might be possible to workaround it from the patch

jep man - i tried to find out a workaround from patch but none of all these todo patches can give me this information and also these option (feedback, tweener and so on) changes nothing - my endless knobs send only 2states like push and hold a button (with refresh = onData)

enable the device on both is not possible - only workaround I think which could work is Device to MidiController (use this onData) then MidiOut to MidiYoke and Yoke in todomap but there must be a better way.

there is some updates incoming on todo, so mr vux can fix that up i’m sure.
however can’t promise you something before Thursday…

thx a lot - antokhio
no stress no stress

i can work oldschool - i saw your good tutorials (thx for this) and so i wanted to play around with todomap

stay tuned cu at node ;)

You can use TodoValueChanged, which will send you a signal when value has been modified.

Also indeed for the moment it’s not possible to use todo and midi nodes for same devices altogether.

hi vux

that was the first node I tried, but the problem is that the value is not changing - my relative knob on my controller send 1 when I turn left and 127 when I turn right - while I`m turning it send constantly a 1 or 127 depending on the knob resolution and the speed of turning. 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 - so no Value Changed.

For the moment!? wow I didn`t expect that this plugin and v4 can use a midi-device together but if they will can grande

but again nice handy tool
thx vux


Wondering if this has been looked into, I am using a controller with endless rotary I use for browse, but can’t get it to work, has there been an update to this at all?

there is infinity knob done there

I’m a bit confused by the xonek2 patch, how do the IO Advanced nodes get updated? They have a green element top and bottom, haven’t used IO advanced before…

Also been trying to customize the patch to suit the amount of dials/sliders and knobs on my akai amx, but finding it trickier then expected…

Have attached a really cut down version that I’ve been adjusting to try to get it to work, but just getting more confused… Any help greatly appreciated…

AMX Todomap (4.1 kB)

the green boxes are exposed, there is really no documentation page on that however u can check if u can find more info: search/apachesolr_search/exposed%20vvvv?page=1
basically if u connect todomap and todo exposed u can feed back ur mapping directly to an iobox same as TodoGetValue for instance

there u go small demo on exposed