Todomap .NET error

I started using Todomap quite heavily, but the “InvalidArgument=Value of ‘-1’ is not valid for ‘index’” error keeps popping up most times I start vvvv.

I understand from this post that it has to do with one of the midi devices not being able to start up. That was 5 years ago :/

I think Todomap should have some output pins which show: Available Input Devices, available Output Devices, a boolean wether it is connected (ie green in the interface) and a string for each device with the current status. Also it would be nice to be able to trigger the window to pop open - drilling down into the patch and right-clicking seems kind of cumbersome.

Thanks for consideration and could we please know whether any development will be done on Todomap or if we should search for better alternatives?

@vux - Any word on this ever getting fixed? Finally got my huge patch to start up so cleanly with just a renderer and GUI, but I get that .NET error, which stops the renderer from displaying the GUI, every time I start up and have to manually dismiss the error message. Seems like it would be an easy fix to just ignore any missing devices.

two thoughts:

  • todomap is opensource as part of the addonpack. so using the it should be quite straight fwd to debug and fix this.
  • what features of todomap are you using exactly. there is a new midi-implementation in vl that might not yet do what you need. but hearing about your exact needs would be interesting…

Thanks @joreg. Unfortunately I am only really comfortable in vvvv and not coding in other languages. So I am not sure I would be able to debug the error, even though I totally understand what is happening and how to fix it conceptually.

I am using Todomap as a way to map different midi controllers to be used with my patch. There are 100 midi-controllable parameters and we are trying different midi controller combinations. Since it has a GUI, you can also control everything through that and don’t need to have the midi controller connected. That’s what seems to be causing the error. When NONE of the devices are connected it throws the error. It would be nice if it could just ignore it.

I am aware of the new Midi Implementation and already using part of it, but I really like the Todomap GUI and midi learn for setting up different midi controllers.

Could someone with some understanding of the vvvv-sdk help me with this please? I have never used git or Visual Studio, so I feel a little in over my head with the prospect of debugging this myself.

@vux what happened, you said it would be fixed for the next release 5 years ago :/

The VL implementation of midi is nowhere near the level of TODOMAP, especially in terms of the GUI for setup, which is why todomap is so good. Its just the last little polish that is missing - being able to see what is connected, what is not connected any more but somehow “remembered” and not throwing an error when all devices are disconnected. I thought the point of Todomap was exactly that you could connect and disconnect several midi controllers and set them up and it would remember them. Checking if devices are connected and stopping if not, cant be much more than 1 line of code. I know VL is all the talk at the moment, but I think a lot of the old nodes are still perfectly fine and still worth bug-fixing and updating.

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