TodoMap inputting values outside [1,0]

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Another TodoMap related question/bug

Am I correct in discovering that using TodoSetValue (TodoMap) I can not set values outside the 0 to 1 range?

the problem is that I use a HID game controller to move around a set of values, far exceeding the 0 to 1 range and would like to save this value to the TodoMap system. however when I set min and max values in TodoMap, the values are only set when in the 0 to 1 range. Changing the min and max values in TodoMap will just map the incoming value to that range and only between 0 and 1.

is there are way to input values ouside 0 to 1 mapping them to fit in this range first?

TodoMapValueRange.v4p (15.6 kB)

Bumping an old thread - is there a way to set a TodoMap variable to its end range instead of just 0-1? Makes it VERY difficult to use this in a meaningful way, since you have to know the min and max, and then scale your desired end value into 0-1. A new node to do this? Seems that just clamping any out-of-range inputs would be OK…

Hi, you can try create bulk mapping inside todomap, then write to it with setvalue processed original value…

Thanks @antokhio, but could you be more specific? ToDoSetValue only takes a normalized value (0-1, but oddly does not limit it) so there is no way I can see to create a reverse mapping, or to retrieve the scaling factors without creating duplicate entries, and duplicate data is always a Bad Idea.

As a user, I just want to set the end value, I could care less what the internal representation is. Since the end result of setting a variable with a normalized number depends upon internal mapping, if those mapping values change then the meaning of a number set in a patch will change - not good.

The problem is that ToDoGetValue and ToDoSetValue are not symmetric; ToDoGetValue has an input pin to specify whether you want the normalized or actual value, but ToDoSetValue does not and ONLY takes a normalized value - the problem being my patch can have no idea what it’s normalized relative to.

yea seems there is a problem with SetValue, i thought might i can sort it out with exposed, but TodoGetValue not updated for some reason if change value in exposed IO

all three marks should be same