Todomap - create output mappings

I just started using Todomap and really loving how easy it is to set variables compared to my own built system. I am using a controller with LED rings and sending the values to the controller sets them to the correct value. But some midi controllers have a separate channel for the LED control and I cant set those.

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@vux did you ever get round to adding a way to manually add a mapping to todomap (I guess not, as its not possible in the latest version). It would be really great to have that, as todomap is such a great way of setting up midi controllers, but then to add manually you have to edit an XML, which is at the exact opposite spectrum of ease of use of what todomap enables - its prone to produce errors. There should at least be a node to create input and output mappings so we can do it inside vvvv.

Adding to that I cant enable Learn Mode on the Outputs (button doesnt turn green), even though both midi controllers have their inputs and outputs enabled and green in Todomap. How can I get Learn mode to work at least so I know what an output looks like in the XML? Or does anybody have an example of what the output section in the XML looks like.

Todomap is such a great tool, but just needs to have those last few fixes to be truly great.

You can look on my xone contrib

There should be all leds mapped

@antokhio Thanks so much, the xml looks pretty straight forward to add the TodoOutputs.

Getting to know Todomap a little better and it still has some limitations that are a shame (from what I can tell). Getting a midi controller to connect without error seems super fussy - basically no way to use a midi device if it is already connected anywhere, even though it works fine to use MidiNote and MidiController on the same device using vvvv nodes with no issue. Also I think TodoMap should at least output which devices it is connected to and if there is an error.

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