Todomap and maschine mk2 enable error

Hi vvvv forum!

I want to connect a MIDI controller Maschine MK2 to the VVVV.

I used TodoMap Mr. @vux)) as shown in the video tutorial Mr. ((user:antokhio video:

I connected the machine to a computer, install the driver and set it on a MIDI controller like this:

But my midi controller is not connected and shows an error.

Somebody help

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The monitor in Midiox looks like you are able to receive midi from your controller. But its seems as if you try to access the same midi port from vvvv. Most real hardware midi ports only allow to be opened once by one software at a time. So I would first try to make it work without Midiox. And take your time with todomap, it can be a bit confusing sometimes…

In case you want to use the incoming data in multiple programs you need to reroute from Midiox to virtual midi port like loopMidi (works up to Win 10 64bit). In case backchannel to controller is used you need setup two virtual ports inside loopMidi.

(Sidenote: Routing large quantities of midi data - like multiple automations as CC changes - trough Midiox with monitor enable will cause really bad lag and might even drop some packets. Thus I use Midiox only for setup and to spy into virtual midi channels, but I try to avoid routing trough it if possible. Instead I set up this routing in my DAW once things are up and running.)