To record sequence and play it after

Hi there !

I got a little issue, I want to record a value sequence (from a sequencer node) (during 4 seconds for example) and play it back whenever I want.

I’ve tried several nodes, like queue, S+H, or delay but didn’t get what I was expecting.

In fact the closer one is delay, but i need something with a toggle to playback values and not a delaytime, (S+H got a toggle but when I toggle it, it don’t start from the sequence beginning but keep synchronised with the sequencer node above)

if anyone has an idea, please tell me ^^

eeeeeh, you forced me making a new module.

you wanted something like this?

Sequencer (Animation OneShot).v4p (20.4 kB)

oh kalle ! once again a sublim module…

hehe, have look at this

Thanks a lot dude, that’s awesome !!
exactly what I need :D

you go crazy when you try this:

the attached Sequencer (Animation Mnemonic).v4p even stores its sequence in its parentpatch!

open helppatch , press Q or Z to see sequences recorded by me.

Sequencer (Animation OneShot).zip (12.6 kB)

That’s a powerful node ! should be very useful for what I’m working on !

thanks a lot again dude ^^

hi kalle, seems to be very great…
really this is an interresting structure…

do you think it s possible to load a config that is done ( shortcuts values, etc…) and recorded in xml, without accessing to the and stuf ?
i meen a config is done separatly and you load it after in another patch ( means you cant change your config for this patch, it is set)?

troubles: set hiding pins : the inverse option is not working ( my pins don t go back)


ai karistouforus,

i don’t get your point, but…

have you tested this already ?

yep kalle, i just have done a quick test… but i didnt go deeply inside of it. what i have understood is that you can stock shortcuts and values … and that hidding pins dont get back the pins visible when pressed again… ;-)