To maintain property page videoin

when in the block Videoin(Dshow9) change a value in the property page, this change is not saved when I shut down and I restart the computer.
is it a bug, or is there a way to maintain the formulations for the webcam?

ai paolo,

have you checked the VideoIn node in inspektor? many cameraproperties are available as pins. just click the gray quad leftmost of the parameters name to make the pin show up in the patch. if you change values like this they’ll should load like saved after a restart.

note though, that not all camparameters are available here as many camproducers offer their proprietary property pages. vvvv can only show this property page but cannot make sure its values are saved. this is a cam-driver-thing.

be right!!

looking with inspector videoin they can be activated some hidden buttons, for brightness gamma etc…

thanks thousand.