TMAddFlowWrapper Errors

I’m updating a old Patch we did in beta 33.7 x86, can’t update to 35 or higher. The Problem is that after working on the patch for 5mins or so, I can’t save anymore, sometimes the Main Menu won’t show and I can’t connect Nodes. It’s driving me nuts because I can’t work.

TTY-Error Messages (didn’t find much about it)
TMAddFlowWrapper : System Error. Code: 1158. Der aktuelle Prozess verwendet alle Handles der zulässigen Höchstanzahl für Window Managerobjekte

TMAddFlowWrapper : Not enough timers available

I tried to activare Exception Dialog but then vvvv crashes. Tried to reassign AddFlow in setup.exe. Nothing changed.
The Patch isn’t small but was running before. Is it a memory limitation because of 32bit or something else?

interesting. is there any way that you could share that patch with us?

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