Timeliner saving issues


one (little) thing concerning our belovvvved timeliner:

if you have several tracks containing values and stuff AND an automata with some states defined… there is this (very cool) feature where you can drag your automata in- and outpoints and all other values in an affected timespan are translated corresponding.
that is (once again) very cool.

the bug in here is, that the so translated values don’t survive the saving and reopening.


confirmed -can’t save some changed automata states
very pity, would be really nice to fix it

LeftClick and Drag CAN’T BE SAVED - move all previous Automata states incl. all keyframes (inside ALL previous Automata areas)
ATTN: only Next ONE automata area incl. all keyframes will be scale accordingly

RightClick and Drag CAN’T BE SAVED - with Scaling (Stretching or Compressing) all KeyFrames (inside current Automata area)
ATTN: all previous (before current) automata areas will be not affected
all next (after current) automata areas will be moved accordingly without scaling

MiddliClick and Drag CAN BE SAVED- move Automata state ONLY, without affecting any keyframes
+Strg = Multiple selection possible

also sometimes weird: changing slice Nr in timeliner produces problems with saving- v4 starts to write temp files
deleting associated xlm helps

oui, thanks for pointing this out. fixed in latest alpha.
also i changed it so that moving a state-keyframe with the left mouse-button only affects that state itself. middle and right button-drags on a state-keyframe now influence all below keyframes accordingly. ie. left and middle keys behaviour was switched, which feels more intuitive.

@joreg: UNDO pls pls pls
and as soon as you sure with mouse-button association, would be nice to have clear definition of that in documentation/timelinersa
otherwise takes a while finding right way

@joreg: UNDO pls pls pls +1000!

I always thought that too, thanks!

Saw timeliner being used in your magic demo, so it does get used, it just feels so unloved, for so powerful a feature!
If you can’t do undo for whatever reason, then having the plugin updatable via set patch would do and we can do our own, or in fact undo in the patch would presumably work, and update plugin pin to reload from the patch?
I can see many uses for writing keys and creating tracks to the timeline programatically (from Todo Sequencer for example for editing live takes) but currently you have to reload the patch to see any updates…
But anyway which ever way, please an undo!

ai cat,
it is not unloved, just as loved as all the 999 other constructions sites as well…
i know it is annoying and there will be an UNDO one day of course, but spending time on implementing a workaround is not the way to go…