Timeliner.dll stack-overflow error

I have a huge and quite complex patch in vvvv45beta28.1 or without .1 (with dependencies that would be pain in the ass to launch on other machine) with a timeliner containing 10 tracks. whenever i want to load up my patch there is a regular system error message and of course vvvv crashes. debugging with visual studio says the following:

An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in Timeliner.dll

i’ve tried a tricky work-around: i moved all the timeliner related stuff from the patch to an other text file manually (even links) and launched the new sans-timeliner patch. it started up fine. now i copy-paste the timeliner patchlet, the interface of timeliner shows up properly and then vvvv crashes with the same reason as above.
unfortunately when i’ve tried it in a plain patch with only ioboxes showing the timeliner’s outputs everything was in order.

so currently i’m fucked, i guess…

ok the situation is not that hopeless if i don’t copy all the links but reconnect timeliner pins one by one with mouse it seems to work.

here’s the patchlet anyway (10.3 kB)

nils, doubled links?

nope i didn’t have nils or doubled links i solved it already with a very tricky way but it was very frightening

well use osc and standalone timeliner?