Timeline NG not working

Hi All, Joreg in particular

I have tried installing TimelinerSA_NG beta2 and nothing happens when I run the TimeLinerSA.exe that is in the downloaded zip (I did of course unzip it).

I am running win7x64

should I do something besides just running the .exe?


Oh, I should add that what happens when I launch the .exe is that there is a spilling circle like whenever win7 is waiting for something. after a while it disappears.

this is odd.
i guess you have IE10 installed? also tried as admin (though it shouldnt need that)…

I have IE 11

starting it as admin has same behavior.

unzipped using 7zip

hmm you cannot by any chance checkout the source and run it from there so we maybe get a hint of whats going wrong?

I have no idea how to compile it from the source

this might be a path issue, is it on the desktop?
try moving the folder to a sane path like C:\mystuff\timeliner