Timed sequence of events

I have a spread of time values, sorted increasingly (can contain up to 1000 values).
I want to get a “bang” every time the running time passes at a time point in this spread. The “running time” is output of a timeliner node. It should work well with start, stop, seek in timeliner.

Is it possible to import the data from the spread into timeliner as keyframes? Or the simple solution by calculating (using binary search) the next event time, and do this every time the timeliner is seeked, is the most simple way for this? (During playback only the next event time must be checked, no search is made.) Is a custom node (programmed) needed for this?

try interval(spreads) this will give you the index of the event your on, you might need to cons a 0 at the start if you don’t have one.

Sift - values and hits for bangs?
p.s. I dont think import data into timeliner is possible, but i would be happy if i am wrong.

+1 catweasel with change-(animation) node to receive a bang every time the index changes.

Not for timeliner, but I use this contribution for all my Time Based things:

The Interval and Change nodes do the job, probably not more effective than my first solution using “>=” and “+” (spectral) and Change nodes.