Timecode via SDI Input - Blackburst or Tri-Sync?

Hey Everybody,

I want to use 2x Decklink 4G Extreme


to sync 3 SDI Camera Streams (720p 50Hz) and 2 HDMI Streams (1080p 50Hz) + DDS Image Stack Content for an Event Setup with one PC.

Output 4x 1920x1200 Softedged Stage-Mapping

Hardware: graphic Card is 295X2 + intel i7 4790k + SSD Raid 0

Does anyone have any experience with 4 or more VideoIn Streams (YUV to RGB --> CPU Bottleneck with one thread DX9) ???

Does anyone have any experience with getting a blackburst or tri-sync timecode via SDI Signal In --> is this even possible ???

any help appreciated