Time machines

One Sentence: Whats happening in your workshop?
We are going to introduce attendees to the softwares developed in the Time Machines project (hourglass, sundial, pendulum clock, double pendulum clock and candle clock), http://maquinasdotempo.art.br/index_en.html.

What 3 tags describe your workshop?
real time, open source, timelapse

In which of the three categories does your workshop fall: beginner, intermediate, advanced

How long will your workshop be?
(Standard formats are 3h or 2x 3h, but other formats may be possible)
2x 3h

Who is the target audience of your workshop?
artists, students, photographers

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
a basic knowledge of image editing software (like photoshop)

What will attendees of your workshop learn?
They will learn a) how to use the softwares developed by Time Machines project; b) will explore and expand the idea of “timelapse” and “multiple exposure”

What technical requirements does your workshop have (apart from internet and a projector)?
e.g. special hardware, software, graphiccards, materials, dancers/performers
The attendees will need to bring a computer and one or more webcams

Who would be the two hosts?
Andrei Thomaz

How would the hosts qualify for the topic? (Describe and add links to portfolio website, github, vimeo,… accounts)
I conceived and leaded the development of the softwares. They were developed with the same people working at a development studio, http://www.mandelbrot.com.br/.

And my portfolio is available at http://andreithomaz.com/ (I couldn’t write more than 2 links in the first post).