Time based Nodes+Increment mainloop mode Bug?



i´ve noticed in beta 25 and 25.1 some weird behavior using time based nodes and mainloop in increment mode,

when i switch between different fps in the mainloop node, the integrate and LFO nodes outputs change…

with very high fps the time node outputs are static.
with filtered mode there is not problem.

is this a known problem?




haven’t really understood the setup, how do you do the framerate changes?


Hello Tonfilm,

a patch is better than thousand words.
ahh, and it happens not only in the last versions.

Maybe this is not the right way to use vvvv, i was only trying to use some lfo´s to trigger midi notes, faster than the screen refresh rate, finally i´ve tried other method, because is very hard to make stable fast rhythm sequences in vvvv (i mean, micro-rhythms >200bpm).

Again, our ears are more reliable than our eyes ;)

In other side, using this mainloop/renderer set-up and an external sequencer via osc or midi, vvvv loses some data, and with higher FPS not… obviously the screen flicks, but i can live with it.



HighFPS behavior.v4p (7.7 kB)


ahh, i understand now. you switched the mainloop to ‘increment’. this increments the time by 1/fps seconds per frame, which is very little at high frame rates. this is why the lfo was so slow. so use ‘raw’ or ‘filtered’ to get realtime behavoir of time based nodes regardless of the framerate.


i´ve supposed it