Tiling textures

How do you get a quad (or similar) to be filled with a tiled texture - not the texture file scaled to fit?

I know I’ve seen this somewhere, but I can’t find the example again.

Thanks in advance

The easy way:
Connect a Transform (2d) node to the texturetransform pin on your quad. play with the scaling pins. Next, use the Address (EX9.Samplerstate) node to set different repeat pattern.

the other technique needs a spread of quads - see the Cross (2d) help patch

Thanks. The Transform/Address combo was exactly what I was looking for.

I am trying to do the same thing, and while it works fine for a FileTexture, it does not when applied to a DX9 Texture (taken from a second Renderer) - it just scales the texture and stretches its border pixels, ignoring the Address node. Is there a workaround to this behavior, or do I need multiple quads for that?