ThrowKeyNotFoundException The given key was not present in the dictionary

Using Gamma 2020.3.041
I’m trying to make fixes to get VLML running the new Gamma but importing, editing and generally touching anything in the library causes this error and the patch stops running. I think I’ve cleaned out all of the error in the patch, mostly caused by stray Scripts, and some type errors.

Error note attachedKiller Dictionary Error.log (92.1 KB)

Narrowing down the problem to one patch among many, this patch seem unable to finish loading with Gamma 2020.2.0. I’ve tried deleting node from the definitions, and at one point it worked but the patch became ‘corrupted’ again.

14-22-36_000_CNTK_DataIODestroyed.vl (789.8 KB)

I would try to fix it in XML but I don’t know what I should be looking for.

Any help would be appreciated,


Thanks for the report, fixed in upcoming preview builds.

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