This is a question because I don't know full abilities of VVVV!

I want to make some traditional flowers with code,
was searching L system and found VVVV,
Now My question here is it possible to generate flowers like this, and is there any experiments here?
you can see what i want to generate in a custom regin, I want flower fill the area without overlapping:

there are some documents for generating such flowers you can see here:

If you want to do animations, than vvvv might be helpful, but otherwise I would suggest using Grasshopper in Rhino for this. Its much more suited for geometric operations and has many more “high level” nodes to help with this and endless plugins. Rhino is a NURBS modeller, which vvvv doesn’t support and would be helpful.

There is some nice courses over at rese-arch, one of which specifically deals with L-Systems:

Grasshopper has a nice and very active forum either at or, where I am sure you will find similar problems.

I love vvvv, but in this case I think Grasshopper will serve you better.

It i also okey to do that with vvvv.
and L-system is a good start.

basically here it is all about transform hierarchies, which are well suited for procedural modelling.

i have a presentation about my master thesis online with some in depth details about procedural generation using transform hierarchies.

at minutes 25 it covers transform hierachies and also L systems

i think if you use basic geometries and focus on the transforms then you can easily achieve what you are looking for.

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