Third party apps that might compliment vvvv

to help address the fact that the outputs of the fileplayer and audioinput nodes can only be plugged into one input per instance, you might want to check out VAC (virtual audio cable) not free ($30 downloadable) but works like a charm between Bidule and vvvv. this is actually a better solution for how i want to work-- i’ll be able to manipulate my audio patch in bidule while the audio stream is ported directly into vvvv for image manipulation…check it here:

just thought i’d mention this one too-- a flexible and free modular midi sequencer–Bankstep (PC only):

i’d actually recommend all of algoarts stuff…really nice.


oh yeah, i wasn’t sure where to post this so…sorry if this is in the wrong forum!

just to make things clear, you can connect one AudioIn only to one other DirectShow node, ok … but you can create as many AudioIns as you want…

thanks for the clarification, my wording was probably confusing…