Thinking of buying 3 Viewsonic PJD6381. any opinions?

Hey all

I need to buy a set of 3 short projectors (0.5->1:1), preferably >=XGA.
Right now I’m looking at these.

Any opinions?

Seems cheap, bright and short. (my kind of girl)

…edit…\ was linking to the wrong projector before
wanted to link to the 6381



seems it doesn’t have dvi/hdmi which is a shame

hdmi would be another plus point

i’m also very much tempted by the 120Hz specification as i’ve been doing experiments in this area.

another nice one:
(recommended by Amazon as #1 product people buy after looking at the projector above)

adds 1280x800 and HDMI for not much extra $
but takes the throw ratio 1.64

p.s. i’m generally using the distance/horizontal for throw ratio, NOT distance/diagnal)

posted wrong beamer the first time

this is the one i meant!

bought one of this PJD6381 time ago, for an installation, was really bright in dark room, alot brighter then same Benqs.