Theme or skin for vvvv?

How can I theme vvvv? Mainly add some color to the GUI, and shading to buttons in HerrInspektor.


kalle node if you’re tired of greyness!:D

Great :)
Any ways for the Inspektor?

don’t you like grey?:P

+1, could be nice to change all colors. Pin, background etc. An extension of Kalle node :)

all devvvvs are color blind…

would be great to change the node color…
…or a color coding based on node type…
…or datatype…
…or a hierarchy based color coding…

Colors +1!

Maybe easier:

Enable a way to move IOBoxes to the background.
Then one can use a color/text IOBox with border, moved to the background, to mark areas in the patch with colors (or borders) (all other nodes would float above that).

grey is a color

Sounds like we need a Vux node to compliment the Kalle node.

Where would we be without Vux n’ Kalle?

jeje… let the devvvs going on, they must be really busy with the 64 bit 4v.jejje.
no, really, after the time i really love the colors and “retro” aspect from the interface… maybe the background in a more dark grey style…after lot of hours of patching its better for your eyes…
i really love the retro style,remember the change that maxmsp did with the interface… at last if we spend more resources in the programming editor,we will have less to create a Dx9 GUI.

i think Would be nice to improve the zoom in te patch editor. something like a damper between the zoom change.
its just my opinion. thanks people.

hello … newspapers and kindle claim that the contrast of gray with black makes reading more enjoyable … much and that even in today’s times the kindle comes with 16 grayscale think devvvvs should do the same … 5 shades of gray … laughs …

Fifty shades of grey?!

Love sees no colour

that said I like the idea of sending io-boxes to the background to give a colored cue to clusters we don’t want to put in a module. maybe even with ctrl+h?

another idea: if Kalle is used, it could optionally be reflected on the containing nodes’ color.

There is only one pin you want to remove, the Green pin of the VGA cable (2nd on the top left), you get a nice purple shaded vvvv look. Easy :)

I got a bunch of VGA cables that will make vvvv purple, PM me 5 € each.

This has to be the most sacrilegious thread in the history of this site :)

Seriously though, sometimes it would indeed be immensely convenient and helpful even to be able to colourcode nodes or groups of them.

I want dropshadow for nodes and vignette for the patch


I’m not talking about stylish unuseful colors and roundcorners and dropshadow…
…to take it simple:

code programming -> syntax highlighting
visual programming in VVVV -> ???
(or just aligning nodes and keep the links between them as vertical and straight as possible)

I think that the possibility to change node color can really help to navigate complex sub-patches, in case you don’t want to subpatching too much and have a wide view on dataflow.

I started working with VVVV since the beta24, so I’m pretty newbie and I know this color think could be sacrilegious. but…

Anyone with me?

PS: it could be an hidden pin editable via Inspektor