The wii remote thread

great velcrome…thanks… i was just going to ask about the 4 IR blobs!!! ive been trying to hack the tk.wii mx object(PC) up until now! ill try this when i get home!

cheers ;)

just to say again…



ive been trying to achieve this for the past 2 weeks! it works a treat!! i making a gesturally controlled audio/video toy/installation for my thesis, using max and vvvv. im pretty crap at both so all this help ad infinitum!! just a quick query, could you shine some light on the IR Blobs (pardon the pun)!

im getting a bit of spill which leads to sometimes a 3drd IR blob showing up. would this just be some reflections somehwere in my room? im just using 2 IR Leds at hte end of a battery for the moment. and if it is some reflections ill have to account for them in the installation.

once again, top notch work… cheers

ok, the newest version is located here now.

it is still untested with the classic controller, everything else seems to work reasonably well.

as for the blobs: yes, sunshine and reflections are giving blobs too. developing with infrared is more of a nighttime thing ;)

my setup right now looks similar like yours (for reworking this and i usually wait for dark or i use a cheap cmos webcam to check for infrared light sources.

additionally i don’t rely on the blob-ids of the wiimote, but do some resorting depending on blobsize and x-coord to make sure i really have the leds and not something else.

oh really? that sounds interesting! what kinda of sorting are you doing out of interest?

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to get the video output from wiimote and use it at v4. (To use Wiimote as a infrared camera) Any ideas?

Sorry if my question may sound too basic but I did not find a way to work this around and did not find any posts about it.

Thanks again,


Filipe: The video output isn’t available. It’s used by the hardware inside the wiimote to do blob-tracking and then only the position and size of up to four points (IR-light sources) are sent over the buetooth connection to your wii/PC.

hey guys hi all, im a litle newbie with vvvv and i just bouth the wiimote 2 days ago, i was able to make it work with osc
i dont know why it dont work with midi, i installed the Yoke cable, i able to view the device, but nothing seem to hapend, i need to set up something ?

and im not able to run velcrome plug in neither
i need to put the dll in some place? or just open the file?
i dont see the connections between nodes

well if someone still use glovepie i think this is a good idea

Wiimote.Led1 = Wiimote.Relaccx
Wiimote.Led2 = Wiimote.Relaccy
Wiimote.Led3 = Wiimote.Relaccz
Wiimote.Led4 = Wiimote.Relaccx

usefull just to know if the control is connected to the pc ( im planing to use it in some clubs , and i need to know if im still connected )

thanks you all for doing this great job

problem solved… seems to be freeframe 2.0
i unistall it, reinstall, it was the same, the file Plugintest wasnt working… so i rollback with norton ghost to a previews date and it was working, i still dont know what was the problem

Velcrome your plug in its exelent, exelent job , thanks you very much, it 10 times faster than glovepie trough osc.
next week i will get the nunchuck and my green laser pointer without ir filter :)

oh, that’s good info. thanks!

I have some problems, with wiimote node when i use the last vvvv version (beta 24.1)…when i click on the enable toogle for wiimote…i have a crash!..
with version 23 it works…

Somebody have the same problem??

Ps. I have bootcamp on my laptop (macbookpro) where v4 runs.

The same here, it crashes at random :( using it on a fresh XP and beta 24.1.

try to change the extension pin in the inspector before enable the node

do you have the nunchuk plugged ? or something else plugged ?

do you run some other software that use the wiimote simultaneously (other than the stack)?

is there any update for the wiimotionplus?

Shame shame, I missed the hidden pin that tells I have connected a Nunchuck, thank you for that one :).