The "Which VR-headset to buy" - thread

Hi all

I am about to get into VR and I can see that the meta Quest 2 is currently the obvious choice for using with vvvv gamma, but the new Pico 4 seems quite good on paper, but it is impossible to see how well it would work with gamma.
As I am buying this out of my own pocket, price is essential.
Please share your thoughts below, What should someone getting into VR get right now?


Hadasi and I had problems using the quest 2. the stride scene was always tilted slightly on one axis. I can recommend the valve index. IMHO the best package with awsome sound and the best controllers. Also supports 144hz. And lighthouse tracking still is the best you can get.

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I can’t have a lighthouse setup unfortunately so I need something that work without it.
unless there is a compact war to set up lighthouses.

EDIT: the index would also be stretching my budget too much. at least for the time being

For setup, i’ve would recommend android headsets, as it’s much more less pain, then babysit it all the time. Two Vives in same room, switching screens for players some times, Oculus looses playground if there is not enough ambient light… Pico haven’t tested… But at home i would recommend Vive, then Oculus…

The obvious bonus of oculus that it’s much less heavy then vive.

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Yep, what @schlonzo said, but maybe I need to try with the new OpenXR drivers to see if things have improved there.

I’d also add that despite this first impression the Quest 2 is pretty usable for personal developments and has the added benefit of wireless streaming (though again, its probably worth some of us checking it out with OpenXR)

Update: I haven’t seen anyone that’s tryied out the Pico but many useful features (streaming) of the Quest 2 are in the Pico and the resolution is supposedly better and it also works with Open XR.

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Can something like the quest 2 be used with lighthouses?
I mean it would be a cool feature if you had the option of adding lighthouses to improve tracking.

@sunep the tracking from the quest2 is quite good , did you have any issues with it ?

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no, I am trying to figure out what to byy

The Quset 2 doesn’t use LightHouses, An in inside-out tracking system with a few wide angle cameras and some infared LEDs.

If anything HTC Lighthouses make tracking worse unfornately

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OK, so far quest 2 seems like the best option, in regards to compatibility, availability and price as it is available second hand.

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@sunep I would wait a couple of months since there will be a 3rd edition for about the same price. At least that’s what I heard recently from a Quest trainer.

But in my humble oponion future will be AR :p

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@amir perhaps, at first I have some ideas for VR and I have no idea if they are any good.
a quest 3 sounds pretty good, but not sure if I can wait several months.
perhaps my son can use the quest 2 if I get a quest 3 in some months.

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I was amazed by the tracking stability of the quest2. In a friends house ( big one, with a hall of about 15x5 metes, small 1x3 meters corridor that joins 3 rooms, each of them of about 3x3 meters each, using a wifi6 router, questlink, and disabling the guardian, I was able to move along the whole house, with basic lighting, and when I went back to the original spot, I was able to get to the same position every time.
Also de quest2 “remembers” when you go back to an original room, so I guess is more than just a “translation” algorithm, where just measue displacement, I feel there is some kind of “absolute” position achievement

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