The ultimate billboarding

mighty devvvvs,
we all now this technique from all 3d-computergames…
it’s the standart technique to save performance in an 3d environment - yet i didn’t find the ultimate solution in vvvv to do perfect billboarding.

one way is to take the position pin from the camera and connect it to a polar. then to connect the polar to the
pitch, yaw, roll of the object…

this does some billboarding…yet it flips at some points
(achsensprung - crossing the line problem).

also how do i take the transformation of the object into the billboarding ? - when i now transform the object and not the camera position the billboarding doesn’t work anymore…

to solve this would save a lot of cpu power…
anybody who can rock this ?
cheers jannis

i don’t get it… what should billboarding be?

do you mean sprites?
planes that have their face exactly turned towards the camera?

helo jannis,

is it not correct, that you mean something like attached?

billboard.v4p (9.5 kB)

solved…thanks tonfilm…a small step for men…a giant leap for 3d animations (3rd patch please)

sphere4.v4p (15.7 kB)
billboard_solved.v4p (15.3 kB)

the _solved patch also rotates the quads with the transform 3d before the inverse cam rotation, so the quads are not faced to the cam anymore. also they don’t keep their angle to the cam, becuase of gimbal lock… means, if you use it, don’t rotate the objects before…