The Software that make vvvv stutter thread

Hi all

I have been trying to figure out some strange stutters in vvvv, the good part is that I have optimized the patch a lot, the annoying part was that it didn’t help. when creating just a quad moving slowly, there was stutter too.

I then discovered that some programs that I have starting when windows start was the reason.

and I thought that I would share the finding and in the same process hopefully have others chip in with their experience with vvvv unfriendly software.

so please chip in.

the culprits in this case was.

f.lux: disabling for an hour might work, but I find it easier to just end the programme, just in case use of vvvv takes more than an hour.
Unified remote:

actually there are many different possibilities of stuff screwing up your machines timing. the best tool for debugging imho still is dpclatencychecker.

thank you for pointing this out! Im using similar software and had the same headwrecking problems :X

disabling the wifi can sometimes help remove unexplained stutter

im having problems too

i use teamviewer and input director

i’ll check if these are bringing me problems

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