The simplest input

what is the simplest way to get an input from a laptop? I just need to be able to get a toggle button hooked up to a laptop and been recognized by vvvv.

EDIT: i have an arduino ONE here, if it can be used in any way…

i duno if i understand
do you mean output from laptop or input to laptop

for input
5years ago we used rebuild keyboard or mouse as buttons very easy connecting but bit wiring, then you can use piezo speaker as contact button u can use it as mic and toggling by volume peak or u can connect it with transistor and use it with arduino but its just a bang no toggle
or web cam with one pixel button

for output
arduino and transistor or relay

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If you mean from external world to laptop , i guess quickest is a mouse , keyboard , game controller then arduino , for arduino i show you patch and code from old arduino workshop using a external button .

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Boton.rar (1.3 MB)

if it is from laptop to laptop , quickest for me is to use the dmx artnet sender ,receiver , or osc via udp or tcp .