The neural networks thing

@deliver seems to be on it already:

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this guy is doing amazing space loops

Many Crashes later…

Using the TensorflowSharp library and Alpha x64 (its a 64 bit library).

It should be possible to import models to use but I’m a while away from that.

A visual programming language and a machine learning library should be a good fit, what, with the the visible overview of the graph, but a vl library is going to need some thoughtful design choices, There are quite a lot of ways to muck things up at the moment and I haven’t tried anything fancy.

The documentation for the C# wrapper is a little lacking, there are still some bugs and seemingly redundant nodes. Oh and there’s a pretty big memory leak somewhere, its a pretty barebones c# port of the c library; no stablizers.

Like the mainline python, chages happen quite frequently, and do break things.


I have managed to import a model into vl. Again, it was a little tricky to do, but this time because TFOutputs from the model are not explicitly visible and require prior knowledge, placeholders were not intuitive, and tensors themselves require an array construction to cast the value of the TFTensor object into meaningful numbers.

In general, c#/f# code is at times easy to understand but tricky to translate into vl; my vl doesn’t ‘read’ as well it might but its good exercise.

I’ll continue to try out different models now I understand the practice a little better, and training is possible, but keep an eye on a c# implementation of Keras which uses TensorflowSharp as a backend, It will probably be better than raw Tensorflow for creating and training models.

Anyone wanna try this out?

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stumbled upon:

Thanks for sharing info on Neutral learning