The Gray Book vs Help browser

It might feel more intuitive to have all informaiton in one place, be it examples or documentation.
At the moment Learn from Help browser overlaps conceptually with the Gray Book.
At least this is the experience of one month of looking for the right place to get informed.

This sounds a little bit like this thread: Suggestions for new content and improvements for the Help Browser (topics, keywords, terms, HowTo patch ideas, ...)

yes, i did post this there but the thread seems very focused on skia details
in my expecience, help file needs take a bit of usage time to sediment, while this thread is more generic

How would you structure it? Can you give a few examples of content and how the UX would be?

for example, it would be meaningful to find documentation and or examples about a topic like “operation definitions” in the f1 helpbrowser, instead of having to switch to a website or a pdf for gray book. to a beginner it is not intuitive how the knowledge base is split between the two resources.


TBH while learning gamma I never used the grey book, because it feels so detatched from the software itself. I think I could have solved some problems myself if I RTFM, but it was just “too far away”. The node browser feels powerful and can be filtered quite nicely. It also looks like gamma, it is a part of it. The grey book does not. Looking at it, it feels old - like beta. Or when I think of the grey book I think of the gamma implementation in beta. Maybe that’s why I did not use it.

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