The eternal struggle for video texture

facng the eternal struggle for being able to render more than once the same vidoe texture, i decided to move away from twin view and give a go to span mode.
Apart from the usual resolution related problems (my laptop screen is 1440x900) the main issue is that when I make a renderer fullscreen on the external monitor, my laptop screen goes blank (well it actually goes black).
I don t completely understand how to the span mode work, any help?
How do you setup a laptop (nVidia Quadro nvs140m) in span mode with a projector connected to its anolog output?

span mode addresses both display as one large screen opposed to dualview which adresses each screen seperately and therefore can handle different output resolutions on the screens. so make sure that you have span mode selected in your driver panel.

have you tried setting a res which both output devices can easily handle? e.g. setting fullscreen size to 2048x768 on the renderer for xga res on each screen.

Yes I ve tried that but still i get a black full screen on a my laptop screen when I toggle full screen on the analog output

hi io,

if possible, test this patch on a desktop machine or a laptop with a geforce card. in my experience the quadro card / quadro driver can be a bit bitchy.