The book of shaders

Ok, I am pitching following idea: The book of shaders - beginner workshop for shader programming.

That would be a workshop that is inspired by the webpage „the book of shaders“ and if offers a gentle introduction to shader programming. It’s definitely a beginner workshop for the ones that are working their way through this book. I did that, and I would be pleased to pass on the things I have learned.


That sounds great so far. Now please fill in all the info that was asked in the template when you created the topic.

What’s happening in your workshop?
I pitch a workshop that offers a gentle introduction in how to patch shaders in vvvv fuse. The workshop is inspired by the “Book of Shaders” of Patricio Gonzalez Vivo and Jen Lowe. We will look at the basic principles and techniques that allow the patching of procedural shapes, patterns, and textures.

We will start our journey with a study at how the graphics card work and learn the basic commands of the shader language. From there, we will learn how to generate shapes, patterns, and transformations. We will then have a closer look at generative functions such as random and noise, develop them from scratch, and look at how to implement them into our design.

What will people learn?

  • Understanding the difference between the CPU and GPU
  • Understanding the basics nodes to patch shaders
  • Creation of procedural shapes, patterns, textures
  • Generative functions and how to use them as a starting point to design

Who is it for?
Everybody that wants to enter the world of patching shaders in vvvv gamma.

This workshop is a compendium to the website “Book of Shaders”, but it’s not necessary to have worked thought the examples beforehand.

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Basic understanding of vvvv as well as some familiarity with vector maths.

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?
1 session / 3 hours

What’s the teaching level?

How do you qualify for the topic?
I am an architect with a soft spot for computers and digital design. That has led me to work on some installations in UK and Europe. I am currently a computational skills tutor at the UCL London where I run the first ever vvvv course for urban design.


do i understand correctly that you’ll not be teaching to write shader code but instead translate the code into patching with FUSE?! if so, maybe make this a bit more clear in the description?!

That is a good proposal.
So lost patching shaders in Fuse. But I had some happy errors, and I see it’ super powerful.
Let’s give it some love with a workshop!

@joreg - i have fixed the pitch. hope it’s clear.

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