The 2015 Survvvvey


this thread is just to let know, to those who didn’t notice what there’s in the sidebar banner or don’t read the blogs, that the devvvvs have launched “The 2015 Survvvvey”.

This can definitely be useful for both devvvvs and digital tailors.

I guess we can use this space to collect suggestions about a possible 2016 Survey. Maybe also on the 2015 one.


I’d suggest this question; I’ve also added a few possible answers.

How did you know about vvvv?

  • Search engine (google, bing, etc.)
  • Tv, radio, newspaper article
  • Social networks (facebook, google+, twitter, etc.)
  • Social media (youtube, vimeo, etc.)
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • School, university
  • I had a dream in which I was playing at bridge with my ancestors: one of them has been talking about vvvv all the time
  • vvvv merchandise

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