Texturing a home made mesh

Hi I have created a mesh in the attached patch and would like to texture it. I have added a fileTexture node, but when I link it to the drawFixed node the mesh disappears (even when I set the fill to solid)

What am I doing wrong?


texture mesh.v4p (13.5 kB)

It looks like I have to do something with the textureCoordinates pin of the vertexBuffer but I can’t find any decent documentation.

something like this?

texture mesh_2.v4p (16.0 kB)


Thanks for that. I did try that before but it didn’t work. It does seem to with the simple grid. Here is a 20 x 10 that doesn’t seem to work using that method. At the moment I am stealing the matrix from a standard grid node but would be interested to know how this is meant to work. (see attached)


texture mesh 3.v4p (27.3 kB)

for me, selecting an image in the filetexture node in your patch just works as expected.

getting the texture coordinates out of a grids vertexbuffer and using those with a custom grid of same resolution is correct.