Textures don't render correctly on quad in 3d

I’m trying to get a series of frames of a video on a series of quads. I get the series of images textured on a series of quads but they seem to overlay in the wrong order. Is this a hardware / software problem? Can anybody tell me what i’m doing wrong?

the example i have added needs a directory with jpg’s.

the next step would be to get a 3d slice through the series of quads, get the pixels, and put them on an other quad

VideoSpace.zip (4.1 kB)

try setting you’re Windowed/Fullscreen Depthbuffer to something

Windowed depth buffer to D32F_LOCKABLE did it. Any documentation on these values?

works for me with Depthbuffer Format set to D24X8 or D16. D32F_LOCKABLE doesn’t seem to sort the Z depths.